Frequently Asked Questions

Can your supplements be used with prescription only medicines?

All our supplements are natural, therefore can be used in conjunction with most prescription-only medicines., however we advise that you check with your vet beforehand if you have any concerns.

What should I look out for when I first add Hey Day supplements to my pet’s diet?

Like any dietary change adding a new supplement can sometimes cause a mild digestive upset. If this does happen, then pause the supplements for a couple of days to let the digestive system settle down. Then slowly reintroduce the supplements into your pet’s diet again, starting at a very low amount and gradually building up to the label amount. This will allow the digestive system time to adjust to the new supplements.

What ingredients do the Hey Day supplements contain?

All the Hey Day supplements are packed with the finest quality ingredients, sourced sustainably, and all selected for their unique formulations to help your pet. A full list of the ingredients within each of the supplements can be found on our website in the “Ingredients” section of each product.

What age can Hey Day supplements be used from?

All our supplements can be used from 8 weeks onwards.

When should I feed my pet the Hey Day tablets?

If your pet requires more than one tablet a day, we recommend that you split the tablets throughout the day e.g. half AM and half PM. The tablets can be crushed up and mixed with food if required. If your pet only requires one tablet per day, you can choose to give it to them either AM or PM.

Is it necessary to give the Hey Day supplements with food?

No. The tablets can be given as a treat or crushed up and mixed with their food. Our recommendation would be to add the tablet/s with their food as it is a good way to remember

How long before my pet starts to feel the full effect of the Hey Day supplements?

Most of our supplements should show results within 4 weeks – 6 weeks.

Are there any allergy concerns?

Potential allergens are marked in bold in the ingredients list which can be found in the “Ingredients” section of the product information.

How quickly will I receive my delivery?

For bundles: Should your order be placed before 12pm on a weekday, we will dispatch your order the same day; otherwise all orders placed on a weekday will be dispatched on a next working day basis. Please note that we do not dispatch orders on weekends.
For accessories: Orders for our accessory products are processed in a separate part of our organisation and usually take slightly longer to deliver. Please allow up to 15 days for delivery.

Where are our supplements manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in the UK to the GMP code of practice. These procedures ensure that the basic manufacturing practices and prerequisites necessary for product quality and safety are being followed so that we can guarantee you receive consistently high quality products.

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