About Hey Pal… A Tail of Two Pets

Hi! We're Rufus & Cleo, just two totally normal pets here to tell you the Hey Pal story.

It was a dark and stormy night... (Editor's note: Cleo's a bit melodramatic. We'll let Rufus take it from here.)

Hi! I'm Rufus and I like chasing Frisbees, hiding (and finding!) tasty bones, and cuddles with my humans.

I used to run after balls and flying discs with the greatest of ease. But that was when I was younger. Then, I started sounding like that guy in that movie my human watched that one time..."I'm too old for this stuff!"

My human was like, "Rufus, get off your butt." And I was like, "I would but I'm all achy and tired and stuff."

So my human was like, "well something's gotta change. I'm going to the pet store to buy you some supplements."

She left a peanut butter treat so I wouldn't chew her shoes, so that was fine with me.

When she came back, she was FRUSTRATED. She had stood in the supplement aisle trying to figure out what would be best for me. What had good ingredients, what I needed, what was hype, and what to combine for best results.

I was like "that sounds complicated, someone should just make a bundle box that solves that problem for you."

She was like "woof, right back at you buddy!"

And then, a few weeks later, there was a picture of me on a label. She'd had an idea for a better way to deliver supplemental pet nutrition to awesome dog and cat owners like her.

That's how I started Hey Pal for my human. Now we offer naturally derived nutritional supplements for dogs and cats to address specific health goals so they can live their best lives.

Meanwhile, I'm just here living my best life. I'm zooming like a pup again thanks to my daily dose of Hey Pal nutrition. Cleo's doing pretty well, too. Her fur's never looked better. The only downside is the drastic drop in hairballs, my second-favourite enrichment activity. My human seems to think that's an improvement though.

So if you're a pet like me, who wants to feel great everyday, get your human to check out Hey Pal's bundle options and order one for you!

We genuinely care about pet health and livelihood.

Your pets' overall and everyday health matters to us because we have been those pet parents wondering how to keep our best friends healthy with long, healthy playful lives. When we didn't find what we wanted at the pet store, we set out to make it ourselves.

We are pet lovers.

We are pet owners. We are pet lovers. And, we’ve been known to give our dogs and cats special high fives, low fives, fuzzy cuddles, and sloppy kisses any chance we get.

Trust us to give your pets the best products and health.

With the Hey Pal Pets line of probiotics, multivitamins, and omegas, all of our pets feel great, have healthy coats and skin, and are perfectly and playfully active. We hope you can trust Hey Pal Pets with your pets, too.

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